Terms of Use - Myr.ai

These general conditions of use have been drawn up in order to specify the conditions of use to users of the 8Orbit site and services.
By accessing and using the office.fr site, you agree to fully comply with the general conditions of use and navigation defined below. It is recalled that 8Orbit reserves the right to modify the terms, conditions and notices of these General Conditions of Use at any time. Users are therefore advised to regularly consult the latest version of the General Conditions of Use and the notices available on the Site.


The Company" or "8Orbit" or "We"8Orbit SAS, a company whose head office is located at 288 rue vaugirard, 75015 Paris, operating the site www.myr.ai and the Myr.ai brand

"Myr.ai"Brand owned by 8Orbit

“User”user of the Site accessible at the address http://www.myr.ai, any person who visits the Site and / or uses the Site and the associated services. A user can have an account and be a Member.

"Operator"person who has subscribed to the 8Orbit service for the performance of missions and who has a valid legal structure.

“Entreprise”company having subscribed to the 8Orbit service

"Member"refers to a person who creates an 8Orbit account and uses the related services. A Member is also a user.

"Account"the individual account of each member, created when registering on the site.

"Username" email address chosen by the user as data allowing him to identify himself and access areas reserved for members

"Password"Confidential information, which the Member must keep secret, allowing him, used jointly with his Username, to prove his identity and access his personal space.

"Personal space"space gathering the personal data and information of a Member

"General conditions of use"these general conditions of use and navigation of the site www.myr.ai

“Missions”Any service assignment (cleaning, electricity, delivery, etc.)

  1. Acceptance of the general conditions of use

    By accessing and using the Myr.ai.com site, you agree to unreservedly comply with the general conditions of use defined below.
    In the event of non-compliance by the user with these general conditions, 8Orbit reserves the right to suspend the services without notice and / or to deny him access to the service.

    1. Purpose of the General Conditions of Use
    2. The purpose of the General Conditions of Use is to govern the use of the website and online Myr.ai services
      Myr.ai offers its clients access to a web platform to automate and manage their various office services.

  2. Access to services

    The site allows the creation of an account to obtain access to the platform\'s services: Estimation of a service, access to personal information, tools developed by Myr.ai, access to the paid Services offered.
    In the event of a malfunction of the Site, the User has the option of contacting the administrator by email at the address joackim@myroffice.com.

  3. Services

    The Services developed by Myr.ai allow users from their online tool:
    (i) For Companies that have subscribed: Access to the platform developed by Myr.ai to manage its offices, including the search for operators, their rating, ...
    (ii) For Operators who have subscribed: Access to the platform developed by 8Orbit to register their profile, complete their information concerning them, disseminate them, with the aim of carrying out Missions
    (iii) In general, to carry out the mandatory steps prior to carrying out Missions.
    Any User of the Platform declares to expressly accept these T & Cs, fully and completely, without restriction or reservation. These general conditions form with each Provisioning Contract and each Assignment Contract concluded, the Contract.
    In the event of a contradiction between these General Conditions and a Provisioning or Assignment Contract, the stipulations of the Provisioning or Assignment Contract shall prevail.
    Myr.ai reserves the right to modify these T & Cs at any time. The User will be informed of these changes by any useful means within a reasonable period of notice. The User who does not accept the modified general conditions must immediately stop using the Platform and unsubscribe from the Services according to the modalities defined below. Any User who uses the Services after the entry into force of the general conditions modified is deemed to have accepted these modifications.

    1. Services for a Company
    2. The Company accesses, through its account, a SaaS allowing it to:
      Define and propose the Operators\' missions for the management of its offices'
      Centralize administrative documents
      Communicate, rate, pay Operators
      At the end of each assignment, the Company may recommend and give feedback to the Operator on the quality of its service. This recommendation will be used to provide objective information in the context of renewal or new services with this Operator.

    3. Services for an Operator
    4. The Operator accesses, through his account, a SaaS allowing him to:
      Define your profile and skills
      Complete personal and administrative information
      Receive missions with their object, location ...
      Accept, refuse missions
      Invoice and receive payments related to the realization of these

    5. Details of the services provided by the operators:
      1. Maintenance - Weekly service:
      2. - Vacuuming and cleaning of floors
        - Emptying of bins
        - Furniture and dusting
        - Wet wiping of the door handles
        - Switch fingerprints removal
        - Sink and worktop
        - Toilet and sink
        - Filling of dispensing devices
        - Filling of dispensing devices

      3. Maintenance - Monthly service
      4. - Fridge & Microwave
        - Dusting of baseboards
        - Dusting of cabinets
        - Dusting of armchairs
        - Dusting light fixture

      5. Maintenance - Quarterly Passage
      6. - Glazing and interior cleaning

      7. Options on demand (to be subscribed in addition):
      8. - Glazing and exterior cleaning
        - Carpet shampoo on all premises
        - Repair after works or demonstration
        - Material handling & storage
        - COVID 19 disinfection

  4. Intellectual property

    All brands, photographs, texts, comments, illustrations, images, animated or not, video sequences, sounds, as well as all computer applications that could be used to make this site work and more generally all the elements reproduced or used on the site are protected by the laws in force in respect of intellectual property.
    They are the full and complete property of 8Orbit. Any reproduction, representation, use or adaptation, in any form whatsoever, of all or part of these elements, including computer applications, without the prior written consent of the publisher, is strictly prohibited.
    These illegal acts engage your responsibility and are likely to lead to legal proceedings against you and in particular for counterfeiting. The fact that 8Orbit does not initiate proceedings upon becoming aware of these unauthorized uses does not constitute acceptance of said uses and waiver of prosecution.
    The Myr.ai brands as well as the Myr.ai logos and the brands of its partners appearing on the site are registered trademarks. Any total or partial reproduction of these brands and / or logos without the written permission of Myr.ai is prohibited.
    Any unauthorized reproduction of these brands, logos and distinctive signs constitutes an infringement liable to criminal penalties. The offender is exposed to civil and criminal sanctions and in particular to the penalties provided for in Articles L. 335.2 and L. 343.1 of the Intellectual Property Code.
    Likewise, 8Orbit is the producer of the databases for the site www.myr.ai. Consequently, any extraction and / or reuse of the database (s) within the meaning of Articles L 342-1 and L 342-2 of the Intellectual Property Code is prohibited.

  5. Personal data

    The Site provides the User with the collection and processing of personal information with respect for privacy in accordance with law n ° 78-17 of 6 January 1978 relating to data processing, files and freedoms and complies with to GDPR regulations.
    A ce titre 8Orbit
    Hosts the data within the European Union;
    Do not use the data for purposes other than those specified herein;
    Does not disclose any data to third parties, whether they are private or public, natural or legal persons, other than the aforementioned technical service providers;
    Inform users of any breach or breach of security that has direct or indirect consequences on data and / or that may accidentally lead to unauthorized disclosure or access to data.
    Consequently, the data transmitted by the User will in no case be used in any other way outside the site: in other words, no personal information of the User is published without his knowledge. , exchanged, transferred, assigned or sold on any medium to third parties.
    Under Articles 39 and 40 of the aforementioned law, the User has the right to access, rectify, delete and oppose his personal data. The User exercises this right by contacting the administrator by email at joackim@myroffice.com.

    1. Use of data
    2. The user is informed by these general conditions that the personal data indicated as mandatory on the forms and collected as part of the service described in these general conditions are necessary for the use of this service, are used. only within the framework of this service and are intended exclusively for the company 8Orbit and its partners, who take the necessary precautions in order to preserve, as far as possible, the security of the data.
      The user authorizes the 8Orbit company to provide certain information to its service providers in order to enable the user to benefit from certain functions of the 8Orbit site (opinions, comments, etc.).
      The user authorizes the 8Orbit company to provide all information concerning him to the professional partner of 8Orbit, as part of the provision of the services offered by 8Orbit.
      In addition, the user authorizes 8Orbit to use and / or transfer this information within the framework of partnerships and this, in accordance with the law, in particular for the purpose of providing the user with personalized information and services.
      Any e-mail sent by Myr.ai to the address collected during registration will relate to the service described in these general conditions.

    3. Cookies
    4. The Myr.ai site and / or its partners may store information on the user\'s computer or device. This information will take the form of "Cookies" or similar file. "Cookies" are data which do not contain any personal information and which are sent via the server to the hard drive of the computer or to the user\'s device. The role of cookies is in particular to identify the user more quickly when logging in and to facilitate his participation in certain events, promotions, activities, etc. on the Myr.ai site.
      The 8Orbit company cannot guarantee the optimal functioning of the site www.myr.ai if the user refuses the reception of cookies.
      The user acknowledges and accepts that the 8Orbit company reserves the right to install a "Cookie" in his computer or in his device in order to record any information relating to navigation on the Myr.ai site.
      To find out more about the cookies used by 8Orbit and modify the settings relating to its cookies, the user is invited to consult the Myr.ai cookie policy.

  6. Responsibilities

    1. User responsibility
    2. Any content posted by the User is his sole responsibility. He agrees not to make abusive, hurtful or defamatory remarks that could harm third parties, nor to give false information relating to his identity.
      In such a case, 8Orbit reserves the right to remove any content and ban the User, without any motivation being necessary.

    3. Responsibility of the site
    4. We undertake to implement all reasonable means to keep the Myr.ai.com site, its services fully operational 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. We do not guarantee that the operation of the site will be continuous and error-free.
      8Orbit cannot be held responsible for the unavailability, interruption or malfunction of the site, for any reason whatsoever and in particular in the event of failure of its internet service provider, its host, third party intrusion or force major.
      8Orbit cannot be held responsible for any inconvenience or damage inherent in the use of the Internet network, such as the presence of computer viruses or spyware.
      8Orbit may interrupt access, in particular for maintenance and upgrading operations, or for any other reason, in particular technical. 8Orbit is in no way responsible for these interruptions and the consequences that may result for the user or any third party.
      It is recalled that 8Orbit may terminate or modify the characteristics of these services at any time, and without notice
      You accept the fact that 8Orbit or its suppliers can in no way be held responsible for any material and / or immaterial and / or direct and indirect damage of any kind and / or arising from the use or the impossibility to use the site www.myr.ai.

  7. Unsubscription / Cancellation

    Subscription to the Myr.ai Service is non-binding. Thus, a Member can unsubscribe from the Services at any time, with one month\'s notice, by sending an email to this effect to Myr.ai at joackim@myroffice.com
    Myr.ai will send the Member an email confirming the unsubscription, which will take effect at the end of the current month.
    Unsubscribing from the Service results in the deletion of the Member\'s Account in its entirety.