A tool made for you

A tool made for you
As per the popular saying, good tools make good workers.

Say goodbye to lengthy spreadsheets or half-baked DIY solutions.
Here is a solution to accompany your space to improve continuously at the rate of your growth


Save Time

By using a tool that centralizes all the tasks of the people interacting in your space, you will save time. A lot of time. Communications are more fluid, more transparent. End of the permanent race. It's all there, at your fingertips.

Stop flying blind

By revealing the data in your space, you will know precisely and in real time what is happening there and will finally have concrete elements to make the best decisions.

  • Real-time tasks status
  • Execution-based services monitoring (photos)
  • Instant communication

Put your place on autopilot

  • Tasks management automation
  • One dedicated Account Manager