Axel Hars and Joackim Boucetta, co-founders of "Making your real estate spaces smarter and more attractive means first rethinking all the services that allow them to function on a daily basis."


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With, the two young entrepreneurs are tackling the business services market and deploying their space management solution with a clear ambition: to develop the nerve center of tomorrow's smart-buildings.

Just take a look at's website to understand how much this French start-up is keen to make its mark in the muffled landscape of business services. Axel Hars and Joackim Boucetta, the co-founders - former Doctolib and Google employees, respectively - make no bones about it.

"Our ambition is not to create yet another application that, under the cover of an elegant digital varnish, would not really change the way things are done" says Axel Hars. "We want to imagine the workspaces of tomorrow, and with them, the new methods and tools that will make them possible" continues the CEO of the start-up.

Thus was born (formerly in October 2019. At the heart of its philosophy, the desire to place technology at the center of the management of essential services for the proper functioning of buildings with, to begin with, the management of cleaning services. Why this choice? Joackim Boucetta, Managing Director and in charge of product development explains:

"Having spent years working for or advising large groups, we could not help but notice the colossal gap in technological deployment between general resources and other branches," he says. "Of all the services managed by the latter, those related to cleaning were by far the most technologically backward, even though it is an absolutely essential service. By developing a way to manage this complex and recurring activity in a transparent and fluid manner, we are providing ourselves with a solution that can be replicated across all departments."

An open SaaS platform to connect, centralize and manage all services

After validating the model with an initial 50 customers, will release its new platform in February 2022. In concrete terms, the offer is based on two applications.

The first (iOS and Android), intended for service providers, details the operational path to be followed for each building and each agent. The tasks are directly imported from the specifications established at the time of the contract and photos systematically validate their completion. Thanks to time stamping and location, the agent, the service provider and the client share a very precise and daily vision of the workflow linked to the service, thus opening the way to its optimization.

The second application (also available in web format), offers clients a dashboard allowing them to monitor the performance of their services. Workspace score, reporting of anomalies, remote access to all buildings under management and photos, integrated instant messaging to simplify the chain of command and speed up problem resolution.

"With our system, we want to solve two major problems facing real estate departments," says Joackim Boucetta. "The first is budgetary. These are services with tight budgets where people want more for less. Our platform reveals the frequent discrepancy between specifications and allocated resources. To solve this equation, the first step is to generate data - what is done or not done, what takes time or less, etc. - and then to allow clients to make informed decisions. - The second problem is the lack of data," he says, "and the third is the lack of data on the quality of the service. "The second problem is organizational. Managing dozens of services and with them, hundreds of tasks of varying recurrence on different communication channels can quickly become extremely time-consuming. Our platform allows us to unify, centralize and contextualize this management."

Another desire displayed by the co-founders is to produce an open platform, so that not only can existing tools be connected to it, but also to host connected solutions within it to optimize space management.

"A lot of existing solutions are based on a platform/connected objects couple" explains Axel Hars. "However, not only do these solutions place you in a captive ecosystem, but they are not necessarily relevant to everyone. We wanted to develop an open platform with a marketplace from which our customers can choose according to their objectives," he continues. "As an example, we have made available robots for floor maintenance, which some of our customers have chosen to adopt in order to redirect their maintenance workers to higher value-added tasks."

Toward a decompartmentalized and integrated multi-service ecosystem

Creating an ecosystem that allows all the players - decision-makers, service providers and also occupants - to interact more harmoniously within a space is a stated objective.

"Between the client and the staff who actually perform the service, there can sometimes be four or five steps. puts horizontality back into the relationship and allows this ecosystem to be decompartmentalized so that we can work better together," says Joackim Boucetta.

"This operating mode has been validated by the service providers themselves," continues Axel Hars. "Today, we have more than 300 service provider partners who find in an ideal technological solution to manage their operations more easily and economically.

With more than 100 customers today, including some major accounts such as Nexity, and an initial fundraising of €2 million, does not intend to stop there.

"Our goal is to become the essential interface that will enable all real estate managers to manage their business with greater responsiveness, transparency and relevance," says Joackim Boucetta. "After having scanned the entirety of our clients' offices in 3D, we are now working on integrating augmented reality within these spaces," he says. "Imagine buildings within which one could freely navigate and see directly the tasks to be performed in superimposition. The right information, in the right place, at the right time. As well accessible on site as remotely. This is the next step in building the augmented buildings of tomorrow."