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Beyond the deleterious effects that have ceased to be counted, the COVID-19 pandemic will have given an undeniable boost to the adoption of technology within real estate spaces. After a period of post-containment uncertainty about how (or even whether) to get employees back into the office after doing everything possible to avoid it, it quickly became clear that - with a few exceptions - these spaces remain indispensable.

Essential, yes, but in a new form. Healthier, more flexible, more economical, more transparent, less centralized, ... New requirements are emerging and with them, a crucial challenge for real estate and work environment managers: to make their spaces an attractive factor.

Better management of essential building services
In the wake of this new paradigm, new technological offers are flourishing and leading to a real boom in the Proptech sector (Property + Technology = technology innovation at the service of real estate).

While many are focusing on occupant services (deskbooking, on-site services, concierge services, etc.), the French start-up is taking a different gamble: focusing on the tip of the iceberg, the multi-services essential to building operations.

Cleaning, maintenance, security, green spaces, catering, etc. These are all services that are usually outsourced and whose proper daily management is crucial to the life of a building. In all, the industry is worth some 102 billion euros, employing more than 1 million people in France and covering 1 billion square meters of professional real estate space. A considerable market that has not yet developed a major technological offer.

"There is a technological deficit in this sector that can be explained by two main reasons" explains Axel Hars, CEO and co-founder of "First, the siloed organization of these activities pushes service providers to develop only solutions dealing with their core business. This results in fragmented solutions that are extremely fragmented and therefore difficult to achieve real time savings or efficiency gains," he continues. "Secondly, the tendency to tighten up prices does not encourage R&D spending. Unfortunately, it is more common to see a reduction in the payroll or to see estimates that are simply not possible in view of the specifications given.

"This is why we created" adds Joackim Boucetta, Managing Director and co-founder of the start-up. "We wanted to bring together the management of your services within a single interface. By unifying and decompartmentalizing them, our platform allows a considerable saving of time but also an increased transparency with a real-time control of all that occurs on your sites" he concludes.

A platform to reconnect the players in the work environment
At the heart of the digital ecosystem proposed by is an application for all service providers. It allows them to access the tasks to be performed, tasks automatically generated from the contractually agreed specifications. Once on site, the agents follow the red thread provided by the application and validate each task with a photo. A score is given for each mission, allowing all parties to see how well the missions were carried out.

"On a daily basis, the time saved is colossal" says Axel Hars. "Previously, each mission gave rise to a thread of discussion with many interlocutors - and never the field agent concerned - and without context or history. It was impossible to find your way around. Similarly, reporting was often ad hoc and manual. With, you have a complete, automatic, real-time view of all your on-site operations."

Launched in October 2019, with a first version focused on cleanliness that validated the technology with about 50 initial customers, closes in September 2021 a first fundraising of 2 million euros and launches in February 2022 a v2 with tenfold ambition.

"We want to cover all types of services and reconnect all players in the work environment within a single interface," says Joackim Boucetta. "By making the platform available to principals, FMers and service providers at the same time, we are enabling the emergence of an open and healthy ecosystem that participates in the digital transformation of the industry."