Joackim Boucetta: "We want to create the digital platform that reconnects all the actors of the working environments"


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As the digitization of workspaces continues apace, French start-up is developing a unique vision that makes the digitization of multi-service providers the keystone of tomorrow's smart buildings. Interview with Joackim Boucetta, its CEO and co-founder.

Can you describe's mission in a few words?

J.B. - is a digital platform for work environment managers that aims to enable more transparent, dynamic and optimized management of all your soft FM services. As such, our strength is to use our technology to reconcile within the same platform all the actors of the offices, whether they are decision makers, users (employees) or operational (service providers). By breaking down these silos, we create a fully functional, virtuous ecosystem.

The number of digital services available for workspaces is increasing. What makes's proposal unique?

J.B. - We are seeing a significant increase in the number of services offered to employees, particularly with a view to making workspaces more attractive. However, we believe that the number one factor in the attractiveness of a space remains the fact that it is healthy, functional and well maintained.'s uniqueness is to bring together on a single platform all the actors who contribute to this.
By doing so, saves considerable time and efficiency and allows managers to regain control. In addition, puts an end to excessive intermediation, which is often a source of friction, and allows information to flow more smoothly to those to whom it is really useful.

What does this mean in concrete terms?

J.B. - There are two key stages in this process. First of all, the digitization of the service providers' specifications. It is completely translated into a list of tasks distributed in time - hour, days, frequency - and in space thanks to a 3D mapping of your premises. Thanks to this, we can generate an extremely simple to follow workflow for each of your agents.
This workflow is delivered through our mobile application and this is the second step of our deployment. We equip and train each agent to use the application to produce maximum engagement. To date, we have trained over 600 agents.
With this system, we are able to automatically generate a compliance score in real time for the execution of services. In addition, by using the smartphone as a base, the deployment logistics are simpler, faster and less expensive than, for example, IoT-based technology.

Aren't there already tools for this?

J.B. - Some technologies exist, but there are two aspects that wants to resolve.

First of all, they are most of the time compartmentalized to a business expertise. You can access a tool for cleaning, another for maintenance, another for security, etc. But no one wants a multiplication of tools. But no one wants to see a multiplication of tools. Work environment managers are at the heart of a complex ecosystem of partners whose management can take up to 70% of their time. responds to the need to centralize this management by managing all service providers within a single platform.

Secondly, these tools are most often made available by the providers themselves. In addition to the lack of technological expertise for companies whose core business it is not, this raises the problem of independence. If you are dependent on your service providers to provide you with the data necessary for the quality control of their missions, you cannot really know if you have access to all the data or even decide what information will be transmitted to you. With, you take back control.

What types of services can use

J.B. - Cleaning services, of course, as an essential and daily task, but also any other type of service related to the work environment, because the monitoring model can be duplicated for them.
For example, we have maintenance services that track their missions using, but also security services that use the application to feed their rounds with photographic reports via our application.
Our added value is to make all the essential actors in the functioning of an office collaborate on a digital platform that provides an immediate benefit, saving time, while accumulating data that will allow the development of a real intelligence of use to optimize its spaces and allow the management of the work environment to make the best decisions.