Space managers

A tool made for you

As per the popular saying, good tools make good workers.
As a space manager, what is YOUR tool?

Excel? Notion? Trello? Slack? A little all at the same time?

We are developing a tool for the first time designed to manage issues related to the management of a space in a single place. An interface to manage your suppliers and find new ones. Follow your projects and move them forward. Connect to your collaborators or to any other person acting within your space.

Let technology work for you and take over repetitive and time-consuming processes.
Say goodbye to lengthy spreadsheets or half-baked DIY solutions.
Here is a solution to accompany your space to improve continuously at the rate of your growth.


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New clients. Right now.

Our clients use our solution to create tenders in just a few clicks and find trustworthy providers. By joining our partners network, you'll receive directly all the offers that are relevant for your area and line of job and you'll be able to accept them right in our interface. Stop wasting time looking for new clients. makes it easy, simple and totally free.

Get access to technology propose également une suite d'équipements destinés non seulement à atteindre les niveaux d'exigence élevés de nos clients mais également à VOUS aider à accomplir vos missions. Plus efficaces et transparents, vous faites plus en moins de temps avec une satisfaction client toujours plus haute.

Plan more efficiently

Cette technologie vous permet également d'optimiser VOTRE temps. Débarassés des tâches chronophages, vous pouvez multipier les clients et combler plus facilement les trous dans le planning de vos opérateurs grâce à des missions devenus plus courtes et plus efficaces.

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A simple plug-and-play system to upgrade your space in just a few steps.

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  • Invite your providers into your space
  • Book your space 3D Scan

Virtual Space Manager

A single subscription depending on your surface at 0.3€/m²

  • Automated task management
  • IoT equipements free install
  • Marketplace access
  • Unlimited providers access

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The benefits are multiple. First, finish canvassing. By using you will be able to have access to new customers in your area. You increase your turnover. Free. Without effort. Then, if you decide to use the technological equipment (robotic vacuum cleaners) made available by, you can increase your margin, including on your current customers, by spending less time looking after the floors.

L'utilisation de la plateforme est totalement gratuite. Enregistrez-vous. Consultez les offres et répondez-y. Il ne vous sera rien facturé. Parallèlement à cela, vous aurez le choix d'utiliser ou non les équipements mis à disposition par pour augmenter vos marges. Dans ce cas, un coût de location s'appliquera.

To nothing. It's simple, is 100% non-binding. When you register to view offers, you are free to accept or refuse them for an unlimited period. You are not bound by any minimum usage. You organize yourself as you wish with simply every day the possibility of accepting new offers.

To all business service providers (cleaning, minor works, glazing, maintenance, food, electricity, etc.). You can register today and receive offers relating to the specialty you entered when you registered.

To access calls for tenders, you must register and download the application available for iPhone on the App Store and for Android on the Google Play Store. When you register, you will be asked for your contact details as well as documents relating to your company (Kbis). Once this registration has been validated by our teams, you will have free and full access to our customers' offers.

Of course, and there are many advantages to this. First to centralize your communications and the tasks of each of your missions. Then to retain your customers by providing them with a solution that will provide them with transparency and fluidity in your relationships. Finally, to simplify and secure your invoicing with invoicing triggered via the application as soon as the tasks are carried out.