About us

Myr.ai was born from a simple idea: to invent the workspaces of tomorrow. And to rely for this on 2 strong foundations. First, rid them of the time-consuming and repetitive tasks inherent in their daily management. Then - because there is no better reason to meet in the same space - become a vector of collaboration between individuals. In both cases, technology is at the heart of the project. Myr.ai is conceived as a laboratory. An avant-garde technological platform where digital, AI and robotics will release the energies of your physical spaces.

Axel Hars | Co-founder
Joackim Boucetta | Co-founder
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Myr.ai core team

Every journey starts with a single step

Myr.ai key dates

End 2019
Launch of Myroffice by Axel and Joackim
The initial idea: to dust off the corporate cleaning sector with a technology that is unprecedented in the sector.
June 2020
The first 10 customers
6 months after its launch, the solution offered by Myroffice has already won over 10 customers, including Microsoft's European headquarters.
September 2020
First funding round
200k€ in pre-seed funds to develop the product and accelerate its marketing.
June 2021
The first 10 employees
The core team is formed and key departments get structured.
July 2021
New funding round
2M€ in seed funds to strengthen product development and start international expansion.
January 2022
Myroffice officially becomes Myr.ai
A new identity and a new product for a new mission: to digitize and automate the management of workspaces.