Your Workspace Operating System

Reveal your place dormant data and put it in Hyperspace mode.


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2 subscription options to fit your needs

Connect your space in 5 minutes tops

A simple plug-and-play system to upgrade your space in just a few steps.

  • I register online
  • I complete my space profile
  • Invite your providers into your space
  • Book your space 3D Scan

Virtual Space Manager

A single subscription depending on your surface at 0.3€/m²

  • Automated task management
  • IoT equipements free install
  • Marketplace access
  • Unlimited providers access

Your place in Hyperspace mode

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FAQ is a unique tech solution that will take on the most repetitive and time-consuming tasks related to space management day-to-day operations so that YOU can focus on the tasks that are the most important to you and your organization. is designed for all the professionals who manage a physical space whether it is a company office, a commercial space, a warehouse, an hotel or coworking places. Large or small. Just one place or a multitude. You can put it all in autopilote and handle it all remotely with If you are looking for a tech solution to make your place smarter while saving you time, energy and money, is the go-to solution you've been looking for.

None. And all at the same time. purpose is not to replace your payroll management system or your Slack. Instead acts as a Workspace Operating System. A primordial technological layer that will not only handle your workspace service management automatically but also - in time - let you plug all your other software into it so that it becomes your unique workspace management centralized console.